In 2008, Havana Florida Cigar Company (HFCC) became an ACDBE partner of Newslink of Miami Air Ventures, a joint venture formed between Newslink LLC and its ACDBE certified partners. In 2010, the same parties formed another joint venture called Newslink MAV. Together Newslink of Miami Air Ventures & Newslink MAV joint ventures are currently operating 18 concessions at Miami International Airport with more stores due in 2012 & 2013. HFCC currently participates in the day-to-day operations as required by the current ACDBE federal guidelines.

HFCC is honored to be partnered with the Newslink LLC Group. Newslink's management and operating team has over 50 years experience in the airport concessions industry dating back to 1959, including a wide range of airport concessions from newsstands to gift stores to specialty retail and bookstore concepts.

Newslink of Miami Air Ventures currently operates 5 locations at Miami International Airport North Terminal D including an inline Newslink brand newsstand, Shop Britto by world renowned artist Romeo Britto, Cocobay, a women's high end accessory and clothing boutique and two Newslink newsstand kiosks.

Newslink MAV features an array of stores all at Miami International Airport North Terminal D. Among them are an inline Newslink brand newsstand, Air Essentials a pharmacy/sundries store, Booklink & Café featuring national bestsellers, premium coffee, and espresso drinks and Newslink Explorer presenting the latest travel books and magazines.

Our joint ventures' greatest achievement to date is the Grand Opening of The Shoppes at Ocean Drive at Miami International Airport North Terminal D which highlight nine different free flowing concepts all encompassed within one 10,000 SF shopping area. The Shoppes at Ocean Drive feature an eclectic mix of stores including: Shop Britto, Mixx Accessory Bar, Peace Love Miami, It's Sugar, Ocean Drive News newsstand, Solstice Sunglass Boutique, Prive Gourmet Market, Zone 305 Sportswear and Let's Play.

Newslink of Miami Air Ventures & Newslink MAV have won the prestigious Airport Revenue News Best News & Gift Operator 2009, 2010, & 2011.


In 2011, HFCC became the ACDBE franchisee of Green Leaf's "Beyond Great Salads" at Philadelphia International Airport Terminal D. Founded in 1976, Green Leaf's offers guests healthy, top-quality meals, providing a great mix of nutritious options including Thai chicken wraps, Panini's and Mediterranean Greek salads. Additionally, the "Pick & Mix" salad bar offers dozens of fresh ingredients and countless possibilities to make sure airport travelers get exactly what they want when dining.

"We're excited to add this healthy and delicious option to the Food & Shops at Philadelphia Airport," said Airport CEO Mark Gale. "We're always striving to expand our offerings for travelers and provide more of what they're looking for at the airport. Green Leaf's is just one of our many great options for dining here."

HFCC is privileged to be part of Villa Enterprises' family, owners of Green Leaf's "Beyond Great Salads" concept as well as Villa Pizza among others

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